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    Which Inlineskate do YOU think is the BEST?
    (skates taken from the 1999 and 2000 Top10-Test)

      Bauer Xtra 6.5
      Feline 5th Avenue
      Feline Workout 100
      K2 Camano
      K2 Flight ALX
      K2 Velocity
      K2 Ascent
      Nike Go Flex E
      Oxygen Oxxis 9.0
      Oxygen Shockz Cruiser
      Roces (NYC) Biomex
      Roces CHI-Chicago
      Roces München (MUC)
      Rollerblade Hydrus gamma
      Rollerblade Kitalpha bet
      Rollerblade Burner
      Salomon FT 8
      Tecnica Aurora/Mercury
      Tecnica Spitfire
      UltraWheels Biofit SQ5