Tips for Buying Skates
  • Decide what you want to do on 8 rolls. Fitness Skates or Recreation Skates are the right choice if they are for having fun and for recreational sports. Special shoes exist for Hockey on rolls (Hockey Skates), stunts (Agressive Skates) and high speed runs (Speed Skates).
  • A good sports store or department store has selection and place to try on the skates. The shoe has to fit without pressure from the first day. Give yourself therefore sufficient time. Then you feel whether the hold for the ankle is good and whether toes have enough space. If you doubt it rather choose a size bigger. Pay attention that you get along with the tying and buckles.
  • Don´t rely on the ABEC-class of the bearings. This classification of the Annular Bearing Engineers Commitee only makes a statement about the tolerance of errors. How good a bearing actually is, depends on a lot of other factors, like roughness or hardness of the steal and the quality of lubrication and sealing. Testrunning says more about the bearings, than turning the rolls on taken-off shoes. Oiled bearings turn hestitatingly at the beginning and have to be run in first.
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